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Confido Media offers video services for businesses. We consult about, develop and produce video content. Our service is based on two approaches.

The Full-Service approach, gives you support throughout the whole video process.

The Flexible-Service approach, gives you the choice of individual services from our Video Value Chain.

Select Full-Service or Flexible-Service for more information.

Feel free to contact us.

Video is nothing new and by now should be a standard tool in your Marketing-Communications-Mix. In short, here is why:

Developments in communications:

  • Subjective value perception (Buying decisions are based on perceived value, so better communication leads to more customers)
  • The amount of broadband internet and multi-media devices is steadily increasing (24/7 availability of video)
  • Customers watch, create, share and interact with videos constantly
  • Appealing to emotional and/or cognitive decision-making

You can make use of video through:

  • Multi-sensual media, addressing both emotional and/or cognitive reasoning (video is king in emotional addressing)
  • Putting 24/7 messaging out into the communications network
  • Combine verbal and non-verbal communication for a strong impression
  • Consistency and control over content
  • Image/Position can be clearly defined
  • Targeting/Controlling possibilities are great, especially with online video
  • Integration into Social Media
  • Illustration of complex issues

Contact us for more information.

Confido Media is a network of international professionals, working in the field of Media/Film/TV and Marketing. We operate worldwide with headquarters in Los Angeles and Germany.

We want to become a part of your extended network, to not only produce single videos for you, but build a long-lasting relationship to make the most out of video and audiovisual media.

Contact us for more information.


What would you recommend? Well, that is how Full-Service works. Confido Media works with you, your goals, target group and market data to create a video plan.

After agreeing on a video plan or a single video, we bring all needed pieces together and deliver you the finished results. That way, you can make full use of Confido Media's expertise, while staying focused on your business.

Contact us for more information.


  • Based on your goals and target audience, Confido Media supports you in discovering the right video choices. We develop a concept for your whole company, a division or for specific products.

    Furthermore all single concepts are developed to fit the overall media plan. That way we asure a high level of consistency and cost effectiveness.

    Contact us for more information.

  • Capturing the right image for your concept requires the appropriate camera. Confido Media owns a wide range of camera equipment and accessories. To name some:

    • Go Pro HD Hero 1 and 2
    • Canon 5D Mark II and III
    • Panasonic AG-AF100
    • Panasonic HPX-500 P2
    • Sony PDW 970 Digibeta
    • Sony PDW 700 and 800 XD-Cam HD
    • Sony F900/R and F900/3 HD-Cam

    Additional equipment will be rented if needed.

    Contact us for more information.


  • Sound is half of what you see. To make that half worth "watching", you need the right gear. Confido Media has it. A few examples:

    • Sound Devices 4 and 3 Channel Field Mixers
    • Lectrosonic and Sony Wireless Systems
    • Sennheiser, Audiotechnica and Lectrosonic Microphones and Lavaliers
    • Accessories: booms, stands, windshields etc.

    Contact us for more information.


  • Video is an array of moving pictures and editing is the art of putting arrays and pictures next to each other to express an idea,  tell a story or message. With fine editing the message can be clearly and precisely defined.

    Confido Media has three fully equipped editing suites in Los Angeles.

    The main features are:

    • Avid Media Composer®, Adobe Premiere Pro® and Apple Final Cut Pro®
    • Mac Pro Workstations and PC Workstations
    • Mediadecks, from Digibeta to HD-Cam, NTSC and PAL
    • Adrenaline breakout and SDI In/Out

    Contact us for more information or make an appointment to stop by.

  • Animations can illustrate complex issues, enhance and clarify a message or simply rock the audience. Confido Media creates 2D and 3D animations to support your audiovisual projects.

    A short list of Software that we use:

    Autodesk® 3ds MAX®, Autodesk® Maya®, Autodesk® Mudbox®, Particleflow, Sinti Sati Afterburn®, Sinti Sati FumeFX®, Chaosgroup V-Ray®, Digistar® 3 & 4, Adobe® After Effects®,  Adobe® Photoshop®

     Contact us for more information.

  • Ideas are created by people, equipment is operated by people, your company creates value for people. Confido Media`s "people" are well-trained professionals who ensure that your projects support you in creating and communicating your value.

    Some "people" you find here:

    Producer, Marketing Manager, Director, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Sound Engineer, Drama Teacher, Editor, Composer, Designer, Acting Coach, Graphics Artist, Animator, 3D Artist, Colorist, Web Programmer, Production Assistant...

    Contact us for more information.


  • Video is capable of more than only external communication. In our Training, we offer you basically two things. Workshops and Training Videos.

    We have several workshops to develop and train your employees. Confido Media uses video and theatre approaches to address topics like: creativity, teamwork, media competency, communication and generally all soft and social skills.

    Our workshops lead to more satisfied, more efficient and more loyal employees.

    Training videos are saving you time and effort to educate your employees or give instructions in a consistent way to every employee.

    Contact us for more information.



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